InCastro Construction – The new educational toy – Exclusively available in Limassol @ Brainkid Toys


Incastro is a new innovative educational game. It’s a simple module with specific proportions that allow the union between each module in all directions. It is possible to make flat shapes, three-dimensional shapes and curved shapes. Each element is joined to other elements to form basic compositions and then create amazing objects and structures.  There are no special parts or small parts but each module lncastro has all the quality and potential to create endlessly. With the modules you can create fantasy figures like robots, animals, vehicles, letters and numbers. It is also useful to create items like picture frames, pencil holders, bottle holders, wearable objects, musical instruments, jewels, armors and large constructions such as castles, palaces, and bridges.


With lncastro it’s fun to play together because it promotes gathering. It is a game of concentration suitable for “kids of all ages.” It’s good to see adults play with their children with a continuous exchange of suggestions and discoveries to make more and more difficult projects. It’s a game for the whole family.


3/6 YEARS – 2D Interlocking lncastro’s pieces on a flat surface you play in 2D. Children can learn and draw figures by placing them side by side. Flowers, characters, flags, numbers, letters, animals and endless categories.


6/9 YEARS – 3D The unique modularity of INCASTRO is enhanced in 3D. Thanks to its particular proportions you can place the pieces together in all directions. A single module can create endless combinations and children learn to manage the force of gravity thanks to the friction of the pieces. Playing becomes therefore an experience that involves all the senses.


9/12 YEARS – CONSTRUCTION lncastro It’s the technical game of building. Children experience teamwork, learning to combine their intelligence and creativity to build large and complex structures.


12/15 YEARS -MACROSTRUCTURES Build with the cubes and try the unique experience of creating structures with the base module INCASTRO CUBE. There are no limits to creativity and audacity. The cubes are modular and allow assembly in all directions.


16/99 YEARS – USEFUL OBJECTS Get creative. With INCASTRO parents also find satisfaction in creating difficult combinations that children will develop. Anti-stress, you enjoy the benefits that come from using the creative part of the brain.



Incastro is a safe toy and respects the current regulations on toy SAFETY. Made of high-strength plastic. It’s durable, will not break, and is a perpetual game that renews and accompanies our children throughout development and growth. Produced entirely in Italy with first quality raw materials, no color release, non-toxic and no small parts. lncastro has the original CE marking. These recreational values and qualities are what distinguished our brand in 2013 and that’s why INCASTRO has become part of the great family of Assogiocattoli. Nature friendly! l 00% Recyclable.


G!Come Giocare is an international toy exposition. It’s the most important toy fair in Italy, reaping the applause of more than 35,000 visitors. G! Come Giocare awarded lncastro with the TOYS AWARD in the construction games category, at third place in 2013, and then again in 2014 and 2015 at second place. The critical jury board awarded lncastro with the first prize of TOYS AWARD 2014. lncastro won the selection of Grandesignetico AWARD 2013 for ethical choices and the innovative product idea. “The ethic value is very important for us and that’s why we work with great effort to keep the true made in Italy”.


Modular interlocking: The charm of modularity, the search on the least common multiple, the serial efficiency sustaining elements joined with the aesthetic concept of “beauty”. Thanks to the lessons learned from great masters of Italian industrial design such as Mari, Munari,
Mangiarotti, the architect Angelo Caterino from Milan was led to develop a shape. Iconographic imagery that finds substance in a unique way of conceiving the project: Interlocking. The shape resembles a little man, a builder who joins others to model space. Design your world! The name lncastro (Italian meaning for Interlocking) has been chosen to transmit immediately the concepts that are the basis of this project. The decision to keep the name in Italian was taken to proudly convey italian creativity to the world.